OnLive’s cloud gaming service now live in the UK

Sick of playing the waiting game? Hit eject and load up on cloud gaming at long last

OnLive's streaming game service is ready for consumption across the UK for gamers who have been eagerly awaiting its previously announced autumn release date.

The service – which runs games on its own cloud servers before pumping them out to your rig – offers gamers with even the meekest of setups the opportunity to access the world of instant HD gaming. No installs, no power sucking graphics cards or garish neon case lighting required. Unless you really want it.

That means you can keep your hard-earned dollar to one side to pay for OnLive's services, which are available on a monthly sub of £7 (netting you access to over 100 games) or by coughing up for individual games at upwards of £2 a pop. The Game System – a set-top box for those who want to rock the retro console vibe – goes for £70. New users can take advantage of snapping up their first OnLive PlayPass game for only £1 and anyone planning to swing by the Eurogamer Expo (until September 25, 2011) can look forward to picking up a Game System for free.

If you’re a BT broadband customer you can also take advantage of three months’ free access by signing up here. Check out our need to know for a quick recap on cloud gaming before stepping in to the world of online fragathons. Don't forget to reload.


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