Online store charges more for Internet Explorer 7 users with an IE7 tax

Charging IE7 users extra – a diabolical scheme, or a quest to make the world a better place? You decide

Australian online electronics retailer Kogan is now enforcing an Internet Explorer 7 tax of 6.8 per cent on all online purchases made via Microsoft's aging browser.

The justification for this swingeing punishment? The extra time and money Kogan spent on its web team to ensure that its new website is optimsed to display on the temperamental browser.

While Microsoft has mercifully provided a sleek and smooth browser in Internet Explorer 9, versions 6 and 7 are infamous for being hard to optimise and use, and Kogan's tax is – in our opinion – an ingenious way of teaching less tech-savvy surfers a lesson in basic geek practice.

Surprisingly there's no penalty for Internet Explorer 6 users – presumably because they are beyond any mortal help. May the browser gods have mercy on their souls.

[Kogan via Dvice]

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