OnePlus 4: Everything we know so far

UPDATE 21/04: WIll it be OnePlus 5? All the facts, rumours and speculation about the next OnePlus flagship phablet

Whilst the OnePlus 3T was a seriously stellar smartphone - with a fab design and stacks of power - it wasn't quite the major upgrade on the previous model that we were hoping for.

Good news, then: it's already time to start looking ahead to OnePlus' next handset. Though OnePlus generally announces its new models somewhere between summer and autumn, we're already seeing early rumours and leaks trickling out about the OnePlus 4. Or is that the OnePlus 5?

What's in store? Well, we're big fans of OnePlus' approach to making mobiles - delivering value and developing its devices based on user feedback - so we've got our fingers crossed for some big developments.

Early evidence suggests some truly tasty treats are on the cards - but it's worth pointing out that much of what's known so far is either speculation, or based on speculation.

In any case, here's the juiciest gossip we've got on the next OnePlus flagship.


>>> It could have a 5.3in AMOLED display

The 3T packed a 5.5in 1080p AMOLED, which was no bad display. For the next-gen OnePlus, though, early evidence is hinting at a slight downsize - to 5.3in - in favour of a resolution upgrade. A 2K AMOLED? It would make sense, given that many of OnePlus' competitors now pack QHD displays and OnePlus hasn't upgraded its flagship's screen resolution since the original OnePlus One. Other reports have suggested 5.5in will still be the norm, though.

>>> It might be ceramic. Or glass.

Unlike the metal shells of both the OnePlus 3 and 3T, if rumours prove to be true the next-gen OnePlus handset may well opt for something different. Some suggest it'll be glass, while others - perhaps with more veracity, based on the build of one version of the OnePlus X - point towards the possibility of a ceramic shell on the OnePlus 4.

>>> It might have skinny screen bezels

The trend for ever-skinnier display bezels was kicked off by Xiaomi, but LG and Samsung have brought it to the mainstream. OnePlus could be set to follow, if rumours about a handset that's mostly screen end up being true. There will be no physical home button, and the fingerprint sensor will be relocated to the back of the phone, in order to make room for an all-screen design.

>>> It'll still have a headphone jack, probably

If Tweets by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei are anything to go by, the next OnePlus smartphone will still have a headphone jack. In a poll Pei ran, 88% of respondents voted in favour of the jack and, given OnePlus' intimate connection with its loyal user base, it would be quite the PR foot-in-mouth moment to go against that tide of opinion.

>>> It'll be pretty quick

Leaks and rumours aside, given how nippy the fantastic OnePlus 3T is it's a pretty safe bet that the next-gen OnePlus flagship will be even speedier. Present know-how points towards two models - one with 6GB of RAM and one with 8GB, and it's also been rumoured that the OnePlus 4 will carry a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, either of which should be a significant upgrade on the 821 chip in the 3T.

>>> It might have a dual-camera setup

There's little known as yet about any shooting tech upgrades that'll grace the next OnePlus. That hasn't stopped some speculating, though, about the possibility of a dual lens set-up on the next OnePlus. Why's that significant? Some are suggesting that there will be augmented and mixed reality smarts as standard. What form this might take is yet to surface, but a pair of lenses would be a key first step to the necessary depth perception. The latest signals point to a 23MP main camera, sourced from Sony, but it's unknown if the secondary snapper will match it for megapixels, or if it will be smaller.

>>> It could be the OnePlus 5

Yes, we know it's mighty unhelpful - but the OnePlus 4 might actually be called the OnePlus 5. Why? Well, as many outlets have reported, the number four is considered unlucky in China, which is a big market for OnePlus. Could it be true? Well, there's some logic behind it. Apple didn't seem too worried with the iPhone 4, nor Samsung with the Galaxy S4, but they aren't Chinese companies. OnePlus might feel a little different. 


Want to know just how we sleuth out all of our OnePlus 4 secrets? Well, wonder no more: here's every story, rumour and leak that's been shared about it so far.

> 21 April 2017

Chinese language tech site PCPop has reportedly uncovered the specs and features of the next OnePlus phone, suggesting we can expect high-end hardware and a 7mm thick design to match - complete with ultra-thin screen bezels that will compete with the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

> 4 December 2016

PhoneRadar carries a story reporting on rumours from China that the OnePlus 4 name may be skipped in favour of the OnePlus 5, which itself might have a ceramic body.

> 13 November 2016

AndroidPure reports a potential leak from a Weibo user, accompanied by a possible render of what could be the OnePlus 4 or, intriguingly, 5. The rumour also suggested the next OnePlus flagship could carry a 5.3in AMOLED display and ship in two RAM variants: a 6GB and an 8GB model. What's more, it reports the OnePlus 4 could have a dual-camera with augmented and mixed reality kit.

> 13 November 2016

PocketNow explores current reports, suggesting the next OnePlus will carry either a Snapdragon 830 or 835 chip.

> 25 October 2016

OnePlus CEO Carl Pei co-founder runs a Twitter poll asking whether users like headphone jacks. The result? A resounding yes.