This one goes up to 38,800

[intro]Never quite get the bass you need from your iPod? Invest in a Space Gate bass tunnel...[/intro] I have new plans for my living room sinc

I have new plans for my living room since the in-car audio mentallists at Vibe sent me a press release about their new 38,800-watt bass tunnel.

Having been rendered half-deaf by successive drum'n'bass injuries, I rarely feel the sort of low-end whoomph that I yearn for. You know, the sort of bass that makes your bones disintegrate. But all that's about to change once I install one of these Star Gate-style arches of bass badness, featuring 16 amps and 36 Space II subwoofers.

Unfortunately the Vibe Space Gate is only a demonstration unit. We need to force them into production. After all, why waste a subwoofer by burying it in your boot?

(You can answer that question as loudly as you like – I can't hear anything.)