Olympus Pen E-P2 coming 13 November?

It seems we could be seeing a successor to Olympus' popular Micro Four Thirds Pen E-P1 within the next few weeks, thanks to a leaky couple of days sur

First up, the E-P2 was spotted in a now removed menu on the Olympus China website, complete with a "new" graphic next to it.

Unfortunately, when the link was clicked it went through to a blank page with a broken image link on it. Darn it.

If that wasn't enough, accessories for the E-P2 have cropped up online, including the rumoured-to-be-built-in viewfinder, which it seems will instead connect to the E-P2's hotshoe.

The VF-2 viewfinder apparently has a 100% field of vision has 1.15x magnification, while there is also an external microphone adapter, which records stereo PCM sound and three different camera straps.

The camera straps also give the hint that the E-P2 will come in a range of colours.

Adding all this together with the fact that Olympus has just sent out invites for an event at the Photo Fair in Stockholm on 13 November, it certainly seems we could be in for a successor to the retro-looking favourite.

We'll be keeping you updated with all the details on this, but until then be sure to read what we thought of the Pen E-P1 in our full review.

Via: Slashgear and Photo Rumours