Olympus E-P1 camera gets official

Following the leaked snaps that made their way onto the net yesterday, Olympus has announced its Micro four Thirds packing E-P1 camera today as planne

Touted as the next generation addition to Olympus' old-school Pen series, the E-P1 boasts the retro styling of the older cams, but all of the modern day goodies you'd want under the hood.

As a Micro Four Thirds camera, it squeezes all the DSLR loveliness into a nicely compact body, and promises 720p movies at 30fps as well.

Other specs include a 12.3 megapixel sensor, TruePic V image processor, 3-inch LCD display and light sensitivity to ISO 6400.

You'll also get a choice of six Art Filters which you can apply to stills or movies, including Pop Art, Pin Hole, Soft Focus, Pale & Light colour, Light Tone and Grainy Film.

The Olympus Pen E-P1 is set to hit stores in July, which a choice of silver or white. There will also be a choice of two accompanying lenses – a 14-42mm option and a 17mm pancake lens.

The zoom lens kit will come with a £699 price tag, while getting the pancake lens kit will be slightly pricier at £749. Let us know if you'll be forking out the cash below.