Olympus E-520 set for June release

Olympus has just rolled out its all new DSLR, the E-520 and it certainly isn’t short on features to keep your inner Terry O’Neill fully sa

Along with 10MP, you’ll find a 2.7in screen round the back, with Live View, so you can use it like a handy compact rather than peering through the viewfinder, old-school style.

Elsewhere you’ll find the now common as muck Face Detection and some rather neat Shadow Adjustment Tech, which will pick out us humans and keep us out of the dark. Pretty nifty we think you’ll agree.

Obviously, there’s a price to pay for all these SLR goodies. £480 to be precise. And that’s before you’ve lashed out on lenses and the like. Still, what price posing like a true pro when you’re taking snaps on your summer hols, eh?


Olympus E-520

Price: £480

On sale: June

Contact: Olympus