Olympus breaks out sub-£400 Zuiko-lensed XZ-1

Olympus stamps its optics brand on a point-and-shoot for the first time

Olympus usually reserves Zuiko lenses for its SLRs and – more recently – its micro four-thirds PEN cameras. You don’t want the riff-raff of cameraland getting all the best optics, after all. That’d be like introducing a first-come, first-served policy at El Bulli.

But now the company has bestowed the honour on a lowly point-and-shoot, the XZ-1, and says it’ll reduce ghosting and flare at the lower end of its range. Catching the rays from the Zuiko glass is a 10MP CCD sensor with supersized pixels that Olympus claims are twice as large as those in an equivalent 14MP block, and there’s also dual image stabilisation and ISO 6400 sensitivity, and a speedy 1/4000 second shutter speed to help out in tricky light.

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