Oksu mini printer takes Pinterest offline with NFC cards

Stick a card from this cute concept printer next to your phone or tablet and it'll bring up photos, videos and websites

We're pretty partial to a compact printer – we gave Berg's Little Printer a spot on our Cool List 2012 – so you shouldn't be surprised that Alex Zhulin's Oksu concept made it onto the Stuff geek accessory radar.

Like the Little Printer, the Oksu lets you print out news stories or online recipes that interest you so that you can reference the articles without having your phone skulking about all the time. The example cards in the video are pretty image-heavy and we reckon the Oksu could fill a Pinterest-shaped void in the real world.

The mini printer uses Z-Ink paper with built-in colour pigments, rather than replaceable cartridges – but where it gets interesting is the use of NFC chips in each card. That means you can embed links to sites, photos or videos in the cards themselves so that they boot up when you place them near your (NFC enabled) phone, tablet or laptop.

The NFC chips might bump up the price of the Oksu cards but since this is just a concept for now, it's too soon to talk money.

[via DVICE]

OKSU from Alexander on Vimeo.


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