Official – PlayStation Home launching 11 December

After months of us waiting patiently in line, Sony has finally given the official thumbs up to PlayStation Home, confirming that it will be heading to

The news comes just hours after Sony America and Sony UK both said we'd be getting the Second Life–style virtual world before the end of this year. Essentially a place for you to build your own avatar and geek out with other gamers, Home is set to take the PS3 into a new dimension. Well, according to the suits at Sony that is.

You'll be able to build characters along the lines of your Mii or avatar in the New Xbox Experience, before going for a stroll and making new pals. It looks like the PS3, two years after release, is finally a complete multimedia hub.

Obviously we'll be firing ours up in the morning to check it out, so keep it locked for first impressions. And remember to tell us what you think in the comments section.


PlayStation Home

Price: £Free

On sale: 11 December

Contact: Sony