Office Cat's Diary – 18/09/12

Wooden keyboards, GPS shoes and watches in spaaaaaaace – it can only be Office Cat on the prowl for news

Carve yourself a niche with the Oreé Board keyboard

Office Cat likes wooden gadgets – they make excellent scratching posts. This Oreé Board keyboard is particularly nice – it's a Bluetooth keyboard available in Maple and Walnut finishes for both iPad/Mac and Windows layouts. You can even pick what font you want etched on the keys – it'll set you back €125 from

Source: Core77

TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 SpaceX watch marks 50 years in space

It's 50 years since TAG Heuer sent one of its watches into space, wrapped around astronaut John Glenn's wrist. To mark the occasion, they've released the limited edition TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 SpaceX watch. It's based on the standard 1887 Carrerra, with a smoked-sapphire case back overlaid with an image of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft – which also appears on the face, for instant geek cred. Office Cat notes that you'll have to move quickly to get one, though – there are only 2012 watches being made.

Source: Uncrate

Avengers Blu-ray cut in the UK

Office Cat likes a bit of superhero action – but he's annoyed to see that the UK Blu-ray release of Avengers Assemble has cut down from the cinema release. A key scene in which a character's skewered by a spear has had the offending pointy object removed; Disney claims it was never in the UK cinema release, but the BBFC's report on the film disagrees. What gives, Disney?

Source: Home Cinema Choice via SFX

Ruin your iPhone 5 for US$100,000

Do you have more money than taste? Flaunt your wealth with this grotesque jewel-encrusted iPhone 5 case that ruins the sleek lines of Apple's new superphone by pasting 2830 blue sapphires, 38 rubies and a single green sapphires. The cost? US$100,000. Office Cat would write more, but he's too busy gagging.

Source: LuxuryLaunches

GPS shoes light your way home

Office Cat has been on many a late-night prowl and found himself wandering unfamiliar streets. These No Place Like Home shoes from designer Dominic Wilcox use GPS tech to work out where you are – and lights to guide you home. One shoe shows the direction you need to head in, while the other shows how far you've got to go. Check out the video showing how they were made here.

Source: Dezeen

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