Ofcom slams UK broadband speeds

Just a few weeks after releasing a damning report on the 3G coverage of mobile networks, Ofcom has today named and shamed the broadband providers whos

Despite adverts boasting speeds of 10 and 20Mbps, Ofcom's findings show that less than 9% of all users receive any more than 6Mbps.

In fact, it found nearly a fifth of all customers on an 8Mbps connection receive less than 2Mbps in reality.

Nine providers in total were tested between November 2008 and April this year, with Virgin Media's 10Mbps service coming out on top, averaging between 8.1 to 8.7Mbps.

Tiscali came in as the worst, with its advertised 8Mbps service only managing an average between 3.2 and 3.7Mbps.

Typically it found that newer cable connections far outpaced the copper wire-based ADSL, stating that "those that are investing more are clearly delivering a better service".

It's not all bleak news though – the average connection speed in the UK is up from recorded speeds in January from 3.6 to 4.1 Mbps. Every cloud.

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Via: BBC