Ofcom curls out new broadband proposal

Online video is soaring here in the UK. But our broadband speeds remain embarrassingly slow.Which is why Ofcom is suggesting we lay cables in the sewe

Which is why Ofcom is suggesting we lay cables in the sewers to cope with the increasing popularity of services like the BBC’s iPlayer.

The French have already dumped their lines into Paris’s drains in order to offer punters the chance to watch flicks and TV over the net minus the hefty strain of buffering and sluggish playback.

The average broadband speed here in the UK is a pathetic 4.6Mbps. Considering providers in Japan are churning out a massive 100Mbps, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Hence Ofcom’s gutter–busting initiative.

The announcement is part of a wide–ranging survey to see how us Brits can log on quicker than ever before in the coming years. Rolling out a new high–speed fibre network is estimated to cost up to £15bn.

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