Octo-core processor could bring console-quality graphics to your phone

ARM teases us all with a glimpse into the future of its juiced-up graphics processors. Spec fiends – prepare to drool

Forget Angry Birds and Max Payne ports – the future of mobile gaming could see titles running on your smartphone and tablets with console-quality graphics, thanks to future generations of ARM mobile graphics processors.

The peak of the next-gen silicon is the T678 GPU which is scalable up to a whopping eight cores. In plain English, this means that it'll boast 50 per cent more performance at the same size and power as current chips.

With support for 4k and 8K video processing and a smooth 60fps user interfaces, its no wonder that ARM's next generation super chips are being touted as providing console-matching graphics.

There's no word on when these super-smart pieces of silicon will make their way into your hands, but we for one can't wait to shoot up some aliens in 4K during our daily commute.

[via Engadget]

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