O2's exclusive iPhone deal coming to an end?

Apple's exclusive iPhone deals have been slowly crumbling ever since Steve Jobs himself gave his blessing to the 2nd gen model being sold by multiple

French regulators have upheld complaints about the arrangement by other networks across the Channel, giving Apple a major headache in the run up to their last ever Macworld in January.

The question is though, what does this mean for the UK? A SIM–free version is already on the cards for British mobile fans, following plans for a similar release in Spain. And now France has gone the way of the likes of countless other territories, surely it's only a matter of time before O2 has to give up its sole rights to the world's favourite phone.

For now, the deal remains safe, but we'll be waiting to see what Steve Jobs' supersub, Phil Schiller, has to say at Macworld on 6 January. Don't forget you can check out our predictions for the keynote now!


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