O2 Wallet coming to Nokia 6212?

That there is an all-new Nokia 6212. Looks pretty average on the outside, but remember gadget lovers, it’s what’s inside that counts. In t

Stop shrugging at the back. NFC, Near Field Communications, is set to blow up this year, with the O2 Wallet currently letting a select few punters pay for lunch and use their Oyster cards via the power of a Nokia 6120.

Now Nokia’s 6212 is set to take up the mantle of turning your phone into a Tube ticket and credit card. The NFC chip will also let you grab web content via enabled posters and billboards.

Best of all, you can touch it, Nathan Barley–style, to another NFC toting cell and swap pictures, video and notes without having to faff about pairing up or sending MMS.

The O2 Wallet trial draws to a close next month and with Nokia not planning to get this phone on the shelves til Q3, a fully–fleshed version of the payment system could launch on this blower, once the results of the trial are in.

O2 hasn’t commented, but we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the Wallet is moving onto new phones for a proper rollout in the near future.


Nokai 612 Classic

Price: £TBA

On sale: Q3 2008

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