O2 to trial London 4G network

Finally, we can see the light at the end of the 4G tunnel…

We've already seen some lucky people in Cornwall trial a 4G LTE network earlier this year and now O2 has announced plans to trial high speed 4G LTE technology in London by erecting 40 masts across the capital ahead of the big 4G launch in 2013.

Our cousins across the pond have been enjoying faster surfing speeds for some time now thanks to 4G, so it's good to have our nerd-envy abated by some visible progress in the right direction.

We expect an influx of 4G handsets along the lines of HTC's Ruby and Rezound (above) in the next few months, so those of you with future-proofing in mind may wish to hold out for a little while longer before slapping down your hard-earned cash.

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