O2 planning to slash iPhone 3G price

It comes as no surprise, but murmur amongst mobile industry insiders suggests that O2 is preparing a major cost–cutting exercise for the iPhone

Electricpig has the inside scoop, with the mobile network planning to give the 8GB model away on their £35 tariff, down from £100. Pay £45 a month for the 16GB version and it'll be yours for nowt too.

Last year O2 cut the price of the original iPhone by £100 to £170, sparking a major spike in sales ahead of the iPhone 3G announcement. Don't be surprised to see the same thing happen again.

All talk points to a new iPhone, possibly an iPhone nano, coming in June, a year since the previous announcement. Will you buy an iPhone 3G if it gets cheaper? Tell us in the comments section.


Iphone 3G

Price: £Free on contract

On sale: Now

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