O2 no longer selling iPhone

More proof that the launch of the 3G iPhone is imminent - Apple's UK network partner O2 is no longer selling the 8GB and 6GB EDGE versions of the phon

The O2 iPhone page simply says '8GB and 16GB are no longer available'. We knew the 8GB model was no longer available after a price reduction, but had no idea that the 16GB version was in short supply.

Alas, the 'Find out more' button merely links to a page about iPhone tarriffs.

Apple, meanwhile, is still selling the EDGE iPhone models via the Apple Store - so presumably they have some remaining stock to shift before the 3G announcement, which is expected at the WWDC in San Francisco next month.  

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader James Coldwell for spotting this one - we'll have response from O2 just as soon as they arrive in the office... 

UPDATE 13.15BST - you can read O2's slightly unconvincing response here

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