O2 mobile broadband gets cosy with BT Openzone

Good news for anyone using O2 mobile broadband – the company has just announced an upgrade to its WiFi connection services to make it possible to conn

This will mean that more than 3,000 UK spots will be added to O2's current 7,500. So you'll be able to get connected at more railway stations, service stations and public spaces as well as Caffé Nero and Starbucks – great news for "freelance" (ie jobless) geeks.

There's also a new data counter included in the update, so you can now monitor your dongle's consumption.

Existing customers will get upgraded by Monday, but new O2 customers will have to wait until late July for the upgrade. Oh, and it'll only work with Windows devices for now (although iPhone owners already have access to BT Openzone).

Via ZDNet