O2 Joggler wants to organise your life

O2's decided it wants a bit on the side. So as well as plying us with new mobile goodies, the network giant is readying a new wireless home gadget aim

Dubbed, brilliantly, the O2 Joggler, it comes packing access to O2's new calendar service, which will let you post your latest happenings via text and create tabs for every person in the home. O2 is hoping it will kill off that tatty nature diary pinned to your fridge.

On top of that you get news, sport and weather updates courtesy of Sky an accessible at the push of an icon. There's also traffic updates thanks to Traffic Master, so you'll know all about the latest niggles on the roads before setting out.

There's SD support and 1GB of onboard memory for uploading music, videos and pictures. WiFi and Ethernet are present and correct, although there's no full web browser for you to tinker with.

O2 has told us that internet radio and instant messaging services will also be on the device when it launches for £150 in April.