O2 and Sony BMG announce My Play download store

Hot–on–the–heels of Vodafone Music, O2 has just announced its own over–the–air download store, My Play. The new service

O2 punters can access the store via the O2 Active store, where there’ll be able to grab tracks for a rather hefty 99p per track just by clicking on an artist's microsite.

Ringtones are set to cost a frankly colossal £3.50, with vids clocking in at £1.50. Album's aren't available as yet. There’s that 3G premium price tag rearing its head again.

We’ve just had a sneak peek and have to say it works pretty sharpish. O2 says it hasn't got any plans to hook up with more major labels at the moment, leaving this as a bit of a white elephant for now. Still, at least Sony BMG have got Springsteen signed up. Excuse us while we go and snaffle ourselves a few Boss tracks for this evening's commute.