NVIDIA refreshes GeForce GTX cards

The graphics mogul introduces the self-proclaimed ‘fastest notebook GPU ever'

PC gaming may have taken a back seat to consoles but that doesn’t mean enthusiasts are resting on their pixelated laurels. NVIDIA’s announcement of the GTX 580M has turned up the heat in the ‘world’s fastest’ category, by reportedly offering six times the performance of the Radeon HD 6970M. 

The GTX 570M on the other hand offers a 20 percent speed boost over its predecessor, the 470M and both offerings boast DirectX11 support, 3D vision and an improvement in battery life. Expect to see these smattered in a host of powerhouses ranging from Alienware and MSI notebooks, all of which will no doubt offer up some eye-watering visuals to go with the eye-watering prices. Crysis 2, here we come.

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