Nvidia expects 3D Blu-ray players on shelves by summer 2010

Nvidia has said it is expecting to see 3D Blu-ray players on shelves by next summer, allowing people to bring 3D from the cinema to their home in full

At an event where the company showed off its 3D Vision support for 3D Blu-ray movies, also expected in the summer, Nvidia told that the current Blu-ray players would not be able to support the extra dimension.

This of course means 3D Blu-ray players must be on their way too – although Nvidia did say the PlayStation 3 may be able to play them after a firmware upgrade.

We may well be still waiting on an official announcement from the Blu-ray Association on this, but that didn't stop Nvidia showing how 3D Blu-ray movies would work with a PC packing a GeForce GPU, a 3D LCD monitor from Acer and a user wearing Nvidia's 3D Vision active-shutter glasses.

Nvidia has said it is working with a number of companies such as Arcsoft, Corel and Sonic to ensure the tech is all ready to go once 3D Blu-ray titles become available next year, and we're expecting to hear plenty more on this at CES in January.

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