By Numbers – Mac OS X

Apple’s desktop OS turns 10 today. We get out our calculators and do the maths

18 – languages in which Mac OS X is available

2001 – year in which Mac OS X Cheetah released (on 24th March)

0 – the the number of other PC manufacturers that can offer OS X (legally)

5.39 – Mac OS X market share five years ago, as a percentage

7.07 – current Mac OS X market share, as a percentage

1998 – first mention of Mac OS X (by Steve Jobs at WWDC)

£129 – the cost of Mac Box Set, including Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, iLife and iWork

31 – the number of Easter eggs hidden in OS X (see them all here)

86 million – the number of lines of source code in OS X 10.4


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