By Numbers – Google buys Motorola Mobility

Want to know what Google's spending blowout means for the smartphone war? Here are some clear-cut numbers for you

We can think of much better ways to blow $12.5bn (£7.6bn) in one fell swoop. Though that's probably why Google has that much cash to burn and we don't.

$12.5bn – the amount Google spent – in cash – to get Motorola’s mobile arm

$39bn – cash that Google has lying around to invest and spend on handset manufacturers and party tricks

17,000 – the number of mobile patents held by Motorola Mobility

7,500 – the number of Motorola Mobility mobile patents pending

10,000 – the number of mobile patents held by Nokia

150 million – number of Android phones sold to date

222 million – number of iOS devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad) sold to date

550,000 – Android handsets activated every day 

39 – manufacturers making Android phones

10 – months Motorola has been locked in a court battle with Microsoft over mobile patents


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