By numbers – Apple iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is the apple of Apple's eye. And it's a year today since it was announced. Now watch us break it down, maths style

599 – the price in pounds of a contract-free 32GB iPhone 4

1,700,000 – the number of sales the iPhone 4 racked up in its first three days

600,000 – the amount of iPhone 4 pre-orders taken at the first available date (the most for any Apple product in history)

77 – "day one" iPhone 4 buyers who already owned an iPhone, as a percentage

326 – the number of pixels in every square inch of the Retina Display screen

137 – the weight, in grams, of an iPhone 4

9.3 – the iPhone 4's depth in millimetres

67 – the number of mountains in the world atop which you won't be able to use the iPhone 4, thanks to its 3,000m maximum operating altitude

225,000 – the number of apps in the App Store on the day of the iPhone 4's release

350,000 – the number of apps available today

44 – the mobile operating system market share percentage of iOS

5200 – how many delegate tickets were sold for WWDC 2011

2 – hours it took Apple to sell those tickets

200 million – number of iOS devices sold to date (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)

15 billion – number of songs (give or take) downloaded from iTunes. What music industry crisis?

130 million – iBookstore downloads. Mostly Winnie the Pooh, we suspect

US$2.5 billion – the amount paid to developers for app sales (Apple kept the other 30 per cent)

200 – new features in iOS 5, coming to the iPhone 4 this autumn

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