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Now this is smart TV: Sky+HD brings intelligent search to the idiot box

Hungry for The Hunger Games? Soon, typing 'Jennifer Lawrence' will give you that, Silver Linings and everything else she's in across Sky's repertoire

Sky has updated the Search feature on its Sky+HD box, and it makes the old version look just a little bit dim.

Typing searches on an alphanumerical remote is tedious at the best of times and the new Search feature hopes to alleviate that by showing automatic suggestions as you type in real-time. Sky reckons that its new tech will provide the right suggestion within typing just three characters, 70 percent of the time. We think it’d be cooler still if you could use your smartphone as a remote keyboard, but this is a useful step.

Borrowing tricks from Google and Twitter search, results are collated in real-time across the nation of Sky users, so that top suggestions are based on current trends for increased accuracy. It also understands aliases: type ‘Spurs’, and you’ll get Sky Sports matches featuring the mighty Tottenham.

You want The Rock? You get The Rock

Even if you can’t remember the exact title or full name of a programme, you can still search for the part of the title you remember, or even who was in it. Typing Dwayne Johnson will, for example, give you a list of all the films available on Sky that the big man has starred in.

All results include On Demand as well as live broadcasts so you can choose to watch stuff instantly or record them to watch back later.

To get in on the all-new Search action you’ll need to make sure you’ve hooked up your Sky+HD box to the internet to update it (it’s rolling out “over the coming months”), and then search away.