NOVO7 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet for under £65

The world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich OS tablet arrives in China – and it’s almost as cheap as an actual ice cream sandwich

We expected the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet to arrive on flowing clouds, carried by nubile virgins to the songs of angels – instead the NOVO7 popped up in China on the cheap. More penny lick than 99, if you will.

The 1GHz MIPS tablet will be arriving with Ice Cream Sandwich OS as a world first – Ainovo claims – and at a price that even undercuts the Kindle Fire at just US$99 (£63). The 7in Wi-Fi tab comes with 4GB memory but with microSD you can expand up to 32GB to push the 444MHz GPU to the max. The NOVO7 has two cameras (2MP back) and a battery life of 30 hours, according to the Ainovo website – which also says the tab even comes with Gameloft's Spider-Man.

So why not head over to Ainovo and buy the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet before anyone else? The £60 shipping fee for one thing, which brings the price up to Nook Colour US$160 (£100) territory. Also there’s the fact it doesn’t say when that shipping will happen, nor the resolution of the screen.

We imagine it might be a little buggy for such an early release, but if you’re feeling bold and want to be a very early adopter, this is an affordable way to do it.

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