November issue out now!

The new issue of Stuff is out now – packed with new gadgets, the thingternet and James Bond's very own gadgeteer, Q

No, that’s not a ropey cover model we’ve chosen this month; it’s Daniel Craig aka James Bond aka the bloke every man has, at some point in his life, wanted to be. This month we go behind the scenes of Skyfall – possibly the most anticipated Bond film ever – with cars and gadgets from the movie, plus a chat with the new Q, Ben Whishaw.

Away from espionage, sharp suits and shaken (not stirred) Martinis, we’ve got tests of Asus’s two-in-one Padfone, Sony’s NSZ-GS7 Google TV box and Linn’s awesome Kiko streaming system.

And that’s not all. You’ll also find our choice of the very finest culinary tech, from an iMac-esque microwave to a gun for smoking your dinner, plus three very good reasons to ditch your digital camera and go back to film.

Best of all the November issue of Stuff is out right this very second. Find it in your favourite local newsagent, supermarket, petrol station or iPad.

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