Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 handsets leaked

Details on two new Symbian-less blowers from Nokia drip out

Not psyched about Symbian Anna? Then perhaps this will arouse your interest. Nokia’s X7 (Anna’s first handset) and the N8, currently riding Symbian^3, will be the debut handsets for Windows Phone 7, rebranded as the W7 and W8. That’s the word from Russia’s editor Eldar Murtazin. Is he right? We doubt Nokia would approach such as massive change in direction as switching to Windows Phone 7 without busting out some new hardware. It’s possible the company is using current hardware for testing while they figure out how best to create those new handsets, but given we’re not expecting any WP7 phones from Nokia until this time next year at the earliest, we’d season this with a healthy pinch of sodium chloride.


Need to know – Symbian Anna

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