Nokia’s new N96 spied in the wild?

Our spies (that suspicious looking lot wearing trenchcoats) have tipped us off about a potential successor to the Nokia N95. Predictably dubbed the N9


While it seems appealing, the model in the spy shots looks suspiciously like the N81 with the same black finish and button lay out. It also appears to be using an updated version of the S60 OS to Nokia’s recent clutch of N-series phones.


Adding a new model name and megapixel count to pictures of the N81 would be easy for the web’s crafty Photoshop jockeys. But that built-in stand has us wondering – could this be a beefed-up version of the N81, or even the successor to the N95 in a more seductive shell?


Nokia’s spokesperson offered a festive ‘no comment’ but with Mobile World Congress coming up in February there’s bound to be more news of this in the new year. Rest assured, our spies are keeping their eyes peeled.


Nokia N96

Price: £tba

On sale: tba

Contact: Nokia