Nokia’s new fashion foursome

Sick of all this high–end, feature heavy mobile posturing? Never fear, because Nokia is here with their latest set of fashion phones, the Supern

There are two candy bars, a slider and a clamshell included. The bottom–end 7210 comes with a 2MP camera, EDGE and an FM radio. So nothing to get too excited about. However, its 7310 cousin, rocks the ability to change its faceplate and comes toting TV out.

If you’re after something a bit different, the 7510 comes with the same goodies as the 7310, but with a flip form factor. You can even get it in “fatl red.” We’d love to know who dreams up these colours, we really would.

Last up is the 7610 Slider, which rocks the same specs, but with a heftier 3.2MP camera. So there you have it. Now, do you fancy one of these hot lookers or Nokia’s Tube?


Nokia Supernova Series

Price: £TBA

On sale: Q4

Contact: Nokia