Nokia's killer new games and Sir Roger Moore in this week's vidcast

In more innocent times, computer games were shackled to hulking hubs, to be played either in your bedroom or on a handheld the size of your face. Alas

So in this week's vidcast, Ruth takes you through all the latest games heading to Nok's mobile platform, straight from there big ol' games summit over in Rome. If Steve Joswiak and Apple think that he iPod Touch is out there on its own, they'd better think again!

Also, we have a chat with our favourite Bond and all–round ladies man Sir Roger Moore. We talk favourite Bond gadgets, awesome cars and blagging kit for nothing. If you want more Bond treats, check out our Which Bond Are You? quiz and our Bond Gadgets, Myth and Reality feature.

So there we have it for another week. Have a peek at the new vidcast now and sate your appetite for all things gadgety.