Nokia Windows Phones to come with 41MP camera sensors

When Microsoft announced its Nokia partnership, it said it coveted the Finns’ camera tech. Never a truer word was spoken, it seems

No one needs a 41MP camera phone, right? Maybe so, but let’s face it – we all want one, if only to wave in front of our mates’ piddly 8MP smartphones. Trouble is, if you go for Nokia’s 808 PureView we saw at MWC (shown above) you’ll be landed with Symbian Belle, the outdated OS we thought Nokia was leaving behind when it switched to Windows Phone.

Now it seems like we might be able to have the best of both worlds – a camera with enormous resolution and a mobile operating system you won’t be ashamed of. Nokia’s Jo Harlow, speaking to news organ Aamulehti (link in Finnish – via E's phoneblog), has confirmed that PureView tech will be coming to the company’s Windows Phone handsets soon.

That’s all we’ve got to go on for now, but if you’re as excited as we are by the prospect of a 41MP Windows Phone smartphone, you’ll be saying “cheese” in your prayers to the Norse god of smartphones, too.

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