Nokia Windows Phone 8 mobiles leaked

The rumour mill's revving up as we get a first glimpse of the Windows Phone 8 successors to the Lumia series

Nokia's Lumia 800 was something of a return to high-end form: its design was desirable enough to become the flagship handset for the promising Windows Phone OS and since then we've been impressed by the Lumia 900 and cheaper options like the Lumia 710.

Impressed enough to cast these Lumia phones aside and scramble around on the internet wondering what's next, that is. My Nokia Blog have got their hands on snaps of a Lumia 800 running the WP Bench app – which includes smartphones named PureLambda, PurePhi, Phi and Alpha in the list of Nokias.

Even more exciting, the Nokia PureLambda is listed as running OS 8.0.9 which is an almost certain reference to Windows Phone 8 (Apollo). Since Nokia has revealed that it's planning slimmer PureView phones than the chunky 808, above, we wouldn't be surprised if Symbian suddenly found itself out in the cold to make way for Windows Phone 'Pure' handsets with insane snappers on board.

Either way, we'll have to wait for Nokia World in September – which, coincidentally, is around the time we're expecting the proper, full-blown release of Windows Phone 8. Timed that nicely, didn't they?

via Engadget

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