Nokia Windows 8 tablet in the works?

The usually tight-lipped Stephen Elop lets slip that Nokia might be beavering away at a tab offering

Nokia could be gearing up to launch a Windows 8 tablet – after selling over a million Lumia handsets – if CEO Stephen Elop's cryptic remarks are to be believed. Usually deft at saying that he is not announcing any new products, Elop did hint at 'opportunities' in the mobile and Windows ecosystem.

The Nokia head honcho also talked about Microsoft's overall strategy for PCs, tablets and phones – which we'll read as Windows 8's a-coming and soon and we'd be very surprised if Nokia wasn't being paid a lot of money to build some sexy hardware to showcase it. Elop also talked about phone networks taking part in a 'larger play' – what else could he be talking about except selling other mobile gadgets to their customers, like tablets?

A Nokia Windows 8 tablet might look like our stretched Lumia above – or the Finnish giants might spring a totally new design on us. What we do know is that Nokia has not officially announced a Windows 8 tablet – but we're content to let them have some secrets for now.

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