Nokia unveils 6216 classic NFC-enabled phone

Nokia has outed its first SIM-based NFC device, the 6216 classic, aimed at making your life that little bit simpler.If you're slightly puzzled at what

If you're slightly puzzled at what the hell we're talking about, NFC is cool talk for Near Field Communication and is the same stuff behind the O2 Wallet we trialled in 2007.

It also made its way into a couple of Nokia handsets before the new 6216 classic, but this is the first time it will be the SIM that does the work rather than a chip in the phone itself.

The idea behind the tech is based on one touch information sharing. When touched together, two NFC devices are able to share photos and music instantly without having to faff around with Bluetooth or MMS.

Even more interesting, owner's credit card info can be stored securely on the SIM so you'll be able to pay for stuff quicker by just tapping your phone on a reader, similarly to how your Oyster card works.

Nokia reckons the technology could replace most cards in your wallet in time, and that the storing of details on the SIM will make it easier to upgrade to better NFC-compatible devices as and when they hit the shelves.

As for the 6216 classic, it's got all the stuff you'd probably expect, packing a camera, FM radio, music player, microSD slot and 3G connectivity into its shell.

The phone is expected to launch towards the end of the year, so keep it locked to for a full review when we can get our hands on it.