Nokia to unveil Windows 8 phone on September 5th?

The first Windows 8 phone should be revealed at Nokia World 2012 on a brand new Lumia

We all knew bosom buddies Microsoft and Nokia would be holding hands when Windows 8 was unveiled in its mobile format. But only now, after word from Bloomberg, are we near certain that Nokia World 2012 will see the first Windows 8 mobile, likely a new Lumia, unveiled on September 5th.

The official release date for Microsoft’s new multi-platform OS, Windows 8, is October 26th. So Nokia’s September unveiling might be more about the new Lumia handset than the OS itself.

Of course there’s also the chance this will be the full reveal for the mobile version while the desktop flavour, Windows 8 Pro, gets revealed in October. For now we wait – probably along with Apple – holding our breath for the chance to see the Microsoft Surface soon.

[Bloomberg via Engadget Image via Concept Phones]

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