Nokia Tube – more deets and a summer release date

We thought all the deets on the Nokia Tube were out in the wild. But now reports are filtering through of a full spec sheet, and boy is it impressive.

The guys at NokNok have got hold of all the need–to–know facts on the Nokia touchscreen, or to give it’s full name, the 5800 Tube.

As we originally thought, it’ll be a quad–band cell, with speedy HSDPA tucked inside. It’ll also have Wi–Fi and like its dinkier 6500 Slide cousin, it comes with TV–out too. In terms of storage, there's a mere 140MB, so let's pray for SD support, eh?

Camera–wise, the Tube will happy slap the iPhone’s 2MP effort with a 3.2MP version. You’ll be able to spy pics on a 3.2in screen, smaller than Apple’s slick 3.5in.

GPS will come as standard and your regular headphones will slot in courtesy of a 3.5mm jack (no recessed nonsense here).

It’s lighter than the iPhone too, clocking in at 104g. That’s 31g less than the hefty Jesus phone. At 14.5mm wide though, it is somewhat fatter. The shame Nokia.

The big news though is that Nokia is going to rush release the 5800 Tube in order to gazump the launch 3G iPhone. Looks like we’ve got a fight on our hands.


Nokia 5800 Tube

Price: £TBA

On sale: Summer

Contact: Nokia