Nokia Tube finally hits the shelves

It's well over a year since the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, known then only by its snappier codename, the Tube, was first spotted by sharp–eyed gadg

You can buy the blower now in Nok's flagship store on London's Regent Street, as well as their store in Heathrow's Terminal 5. For those not currently queueing for BA flights or unwilling to traipse the rain–sodden streets of London, it's due on sale across the UK next Friday.

The SIM–free model will cost £249, with networks plotting to offer it free on contract. A Comes With Music edition is due during the summer. The touchscreen phone is not billed as Nokia's attempt at going mano–o–mano with the iPhone – that title goes to the feature–heavy delights of the N97.

For more on the Nokia Tube, read our in–depth review and check it out in action in our hands–on video.


Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Price: £249

On sale: Now

Contact: Nokia