Nokia Sabre leaked, again

Only a week to go until Nokia unveils its Mango handsets and another photo has popped up

Nokia is proving to be leakier than a Welsh farmer’s back garden as far as its new Windows Phone Mango range is concerned – and the Sabre is no exception. We’ve already had a Sabre leak story but not a hands-on photo like the (admittedly blurry) one above.

This time – with Nokia World as soon as next week – we’ve got some specs to go with the photo. You can expect a 1.4GHz processor (single core, really?), 1GB RAM, a 5MP snapper and 3.5in screen. Not staggering figures but as Apple has already proved with the iPhone 4S it isn’t always about raw specs, but what you do with what you have that counts.

Saying all that, this photo could easily be the 603 Belle announced last week with the buttons whited out. We’ll know all next week on the 26th when Nokia World begins.

[Source: Pocketnow]

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