Nokia netbook lands 22nd October - in Germany

Nokia's just confirmed that its first foray into netbooks, the Nokia Booklet 3G, will be available first in Germany in just under two weeks' time.22nd

22nd October is the date and although there's no UK announcement, we can get an idea of how much it might cost us. Germans will be asked to cough up €249 (£231) to take home a 3G - plus €20/month (£18.50) on contract. That totals a whopping £675 over the lifetime of the two-year deal.

That puts it firmly in the premium category for netbooks but pretty close to the £600 we expected when we cast our nose over it last month.

Expensive it may be, but the built-in 3G, Assisted-GPS chip, HD screen, HDMI port and stonking 12-hour battery life - together with its MacBook-esque carved aluminium chassis - go some way to justifying the price tag.