Nokia N97 live streams Jack White's band straight to your mobile

White Stripes front man Jack White's new band The Dead Weather, are set to deliver a special live performance, online and in real time, with a little

The showcase itself is designed to show off the power of the N97 (and Jack White's band of course) which was unleashed today and to showcase its multimedia skills in the form of its customisable homescreen, complete with live feeds and mini-views.

Nokia N97 owners will be able to enjoy the band's performance live straight from their new mobile here. And considering the N97 has been designed to deliver live content as it happens with up to five live feeds, it's the ideal handset to showcase this gig.

What makes From The Basement so unique is it offers intimate live performances from musicians all over the world. And there's no host, no studio audience - just the artists and a stage. This will also be the first From The Basement gig that will go out via a live feed, which have until now all been pre-recorded.

This will incidentally be the first European gig The Dead Weather will play and the exclusive gig takes place next week on 22 June at 9pm.

But don't fret if you haven't been eager enough to bag yourself Nokia's 'multimedia computer' just yet - you can also watch the live feed via your laptop from