Nokia N96 on sale from 1 October

Nokia has just confirmed that the N96 will be officially on sale from October 1. This is somewhat later than’s suggested date of July 3

For those lacking in the gadget knowledge stakes, the N96 replaces the super–successful N95. As well as rocking a massive 16GB of storage, there’s support for an 8GB SD card to bump it up to an iPhone–beating 24GB.

There’s also a DVB–H tuner for mobile telly (although you’ll struggle for that here in the UK), plus a 2.8in screen. There’s support for Flash, MP4 and and WMV, along with a 5MP camera. And don’t forget that kickstand for propping the little blighter up.

We’ll be bringing you an in–depth review, but in the meantime, make sure you check out our full preview too.


Nokia N96

Price: £410

On sale: 1 October

Contact: Nokia