Nokia N-Gage delayed again

N-Series owners all over the world will have to hover over their gaming buttons for a little longer, as Camp Nokia has sheepishly withdrawn its promis

As we reported last month, Nokia proclaimed with pride that it was ready to roll out its N-Gage platform to the US and swiftly after to the UK masses at the end of December.

But alas, the N-Gage setback saga continues, with Nokia now announcing that it has ‘uncovered certain issues’ that have left the platform not ready to release during the test period.

Nokia’s official N-Gage blog promises to ‘carry on our extensive internal testing over the holidays, and prepare for the new year and the new wave of mobile play’.

This has been translated by many as: ‘We have no idea when it’ll be ready.’’

Blog comments have argued out that firmware updates should fix bugs once the product has launched, in a similar pattern to Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Meanwhile, many N-Series owners have been left frustrated as they’ve been denied a spate of Christmas gaming on sometimes specially bought N81s.  

The N-Gage curse strikes again, Nokia?


Nokia N-Gage

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