Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 2012 liveblog

We’re live from New York City, where Nokia and Microsoft are preparing to conjure up some Windows Phone 8 magic. We hope

Nokia and Microsoft are no strangers to ruling the world of smartphones, but over the last five years they’ve both been left reeling from the dominance of iOS and Android.

Now it’s time for the former giants to prove they’ve still got game. We’re taking a front-row seat to watch the partnership forge its future in front of the world. Join us for fresh Lumia phone thrills and Windows Phone 8 spills at the following times.

In the meantime, see what we already know about Windows Phone 8 and Nokia's new Lumia phones...

UPDATE We're off... all times in GMT +0100 (British Summertime), oldest posts first - scroll down for later

15:00 We've taken our seats at Nokia's New York press conference. The lights are down...

15:05 Slow start, but Nokia big cheese Stephen Elop is on stage to tell us how the phone battle has switched from hardware to ecosystems. As if we hadn't noticed...

15:09 Yeah, we didn't get the best seats. And who put that pillar there? At least they won't see us snoozing our way through the stats bit.

15:11 Lots of marketing guff being spouted from Elop. Word on the street is the new announcements don't start til 11am (NY time, that's 4pm UK).

15:13 If the sound effects on this video are anything to go by the new Lumia phone will be a Transformer.

15:14 It's the Nokia Lumia 920! With PureView camera, Nokia maps, wireless charging and Windows Phone 8.

15:15 No word on how many megapixels it has yet. Not likely to be as many as the 808, though.

15:18 Nokia's Lumia 920 uses floating lens tech rather than standard image stabilisation. Nokia claims that allows it to capture five to 10 times more light than other phone cameras.

15:20 This is route-checking and on-the-fly (augmented reality) information on the 4.5in display. Looks pretty nice to us.

15:23 And here's some of that AR stuff we were talking about. Now, specs...

15:25 We mentioned the 4.5in ClearBlack screen, but that's fuelled by a Snapdragon S4 which Nokia reckons is 30 per cent more battery efficient when running Windows Phone 8. Loads of features to get through. We're having a few tech hitches (always the way, so forgive the occasional typo or repetition).

15:27 So, offline maps with increased integration between apps. New Daily Commute feature tells you what time you need to leave in the morning. Also has indoor mapping. Wonder if Daily Commute will wash as a late excuse?

15:37 Microsoft's Joe Belfiore on stage to demo the Lumia 920. New smaller live tiles available in Windows Phone 8. Apparently thanks to WP8 his wife is now "available and handy". Good to know, Joe.

15:39 All WP7 apps will work on WP8. New XL live tiles also available. Demo of news app shows 'LG sued by Samsung for Leaked Screen Tech' story up on the big screen. Slightly awkward.

15:41 WP8 supports screen shots. Tech journos of the world rejoice.

15:45 Camera now has 'lenses' button that brings up menu of installed apps that support camera (Photosynth, FXSuite, etc). Seen above: the negative effect lens.

15:49 Apparently Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine is going to be doing a demo soon. Oh no, it's Kevin Shields the senior vice president of Nokia. Shame.

15:52 New colours: yellow, red and grey. Apparently Nokia has a 'maniacal attention to detail'. Screen brighter than any other phone but more importantly it works while wearing gloves. Witchcraft!

15:56 JBL Power Up speaker supports wireless charging and NFC. Just tap 920 on top of the speaker and music transfers from phone to speaker. Leave it on top and it'll charge the phone. 

15:58 JBL Purity Pro wireless headphones work in the same way to pair.

16:00 Few technical hitches as Kev tries to demo City Lens and Angry Birds Roost – a kind of 'best of' from Rovio's disgruntled fowl.

16:03 Smart Shoot lens for WP takes multiple pics and allows you to combine them to remove moving obstacles that might've spoiled your pic (somebody walking through your shot, for example).

16:04 Cinemagraph allows you to create gif-style animated pics.

16:08 There's more! The Nokia Lumia 820!

16:10 Comes with changeable shells. Retro.

16:12 Nokia also offers a shell that supports wireless charging, although the Lumia 820 won't support wireless charging natively.

16:15 The B-Dog's here! It's Steve Ballmer! He's shouting!

16:19 "Make no mistake about it – this is a year for Windows," bellows Steve. According to the video backdrop he has a special live tile on his phone dedicated to Bill Gates.

16:21 "We bring the power of Bing," he yells. Nice catchphrase. We're starting to think his vocal volume is coming from his natural amplification rather than a microphone. What a guy.

16:24 No specific availability of the new Lumias being announced today. Elop says we'll have to wait until later in the year for that.

16:25 Well, that's it, then. We're off to get hands-on (and possibly gloves-on) with the Nokia Lumia 920... bye for now.

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