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Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

It's the Finns' latest flagship Lumia handset vs Samsung's mighty Galaxy S3. Click on through to see how they fare against each other in the smartphone arena.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – fight

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is sitting proudly on top of Stuff’s coveted Top 10 Smartphone list while the Windows Mobile-toting Nokia Lumia 800 lies just below it at a respectable fourth place. Will Nokia’s newly announced Lumia 920 running the all-new Windows Phone 8 OS have what it takes to propel Nokia and Microsoft up the smartphone ranks? We take a look.

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Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – design and build

Both the Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are forged out of tough and durable polycarbonate, with the Galaxy S3 sporting a shiner ‘Hyperglaze’ finish in comparison to the Lumia 920’s also glossy body. Which one you’ll prefer is entirely up to you, although we must admit we’re rather taken with the bold shades available for the Lumia 920. One must have a bit of colour in one’s life after all.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – screen

The Samsung Galaxy S3’s 4.8in screen is a shade bigger than the Nokia Lumia 920’s 4.5in offering, which will arrive flaunting what Nokia calls a Pure Motion HD+ Plus screen with ‘better than HD resolution’.

The Lumia 920’s screen will also react and change its brightness and colours to better match your surroundings and promises better outdoor readability, thanks to smart glare-reducing polarisers. Did we mention that you can use the Lumia 920’s screen with gloves? Because you totally can.

The Samsung Galaxy S3’s ability to detect when you’re looking at it to prevent the screen from going to sleep however shows that the Lumia 920 isn’t the only handset out there with a few nifty display tricks up its sleeve.

With no official resolution for the Lumia 920 as of yet, we’ll have to wait and see how the two screens are judged by our experienced pixel-weathered eyes.

EDIT: The Nokia Lumia 920 packs an impressive 1280×768 pixels into its 4.5in IPS LCD screen, besting the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the ppi department.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – OS

The near-infinite tinkerability of Android coupled with its vast ocean of apps will appeal to any gadgeteer, though it’s hard to deny the appeal of Windows Phone 8’s minimalistic style and fluid simplicity.

The Nokia Lumia 920’s Windows Phone 8 apps will happily work across Windows 8 and Windows RT devices too, meaning cross-platform support between the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablets, Windows 8 PCs and Windows Phone 8 devices is available right out of the box – here’s to hoping that the Windows Phone Marketplace will have an injection of quality new apps, bolstered by the release of Windows 8 on October 26th.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – power

Under the hood, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is home to a 1.4GHz Quad-core Exynos processor while the Nokia Lumia 920 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz dual-core processor, which has shown its mettle in the past with the HTC One XL.

The Nokia Lumia 920 will be 30 per cent more efficient running Windows Phone 8 than a quad-core alternative according to Nokia, which, coupled with its 2,000mAh battery, should result in a day’s worth of fairly heavy use, matching the Samsung Galaxy S3’s impressive battery life.

And as for lacking an SD card slot? Nokia hopes you’ll forget all about that little niggle, with its fancy wireless inductive charging pad, harking back to the age of the Palm Pre.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – camera

The Samsung Galaxy S3’s camera showed off its impressive imaging capability in our review, thanks to its snappy operation and sharp details.

The Nokia Lumia 920 has Nokia’s PureView label stamped over it, despite its 8MP sensor in comparison to the Nokia PureView 808’s 41MP one. Still, Nokia promises that the Lumia 920 will guzzle up five to ten times more light than any other camera phone currently available, making for clearer shots in low light conditions, helped by optical image stabilisation.

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Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – initial verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920 are in some ways very similar, with polycarbonate bodies and iPhone 4S-beating screens. But with one ruling over the app-filled Android camp and the other breaking through with Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8 OS and innovative charging technology, only time, and a full Stuff review, will tell which handset comes out on top.

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