Nokia Lumia 910 to get wireless charging?

A recent interview with Nokia's design chief hints at Lumias with NFC and wireless charging

An exclusive interview on The Guardian with Nokia design chief has revealed that the Lumia range (maybe even as soon as the Lumia 910) could be getting NFC and wireless charging.

It’ll be the first time a mobile phone has come with wireless charging built-in without the need for a special case and third party charging plate. The thought of one less thing to plug in and fewer cables around the office has us very excited.

If Nokia can manage to pull off wireless charging alongside an impressive screen and the rumoured 12MP camera in the Lumia 910, it could be onto a real winner. The use of NFC in Nokia's Windows Phone handsets is also very likely after Nokia CEO Stephen Elop expressed a desire to incorporate it more while speaking at CES 2012.

We’ll likely have to wait until Mobile World Congress at the end of February to find out. Watch this space.

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