Nokia lines up 'Corolla' 8MP camera phone

Nokia's always been a bit cautious about jumping on the bandwagon. Just look at the faff they made about getting the touchscreen 5800 XpressMusic 'Tub

According to a top–secret briefing doc dug up by Engadget Mobile, the cell, dubbed Corolla, will have a 3in display, an 8MP sensor, GPS, Wi–Fi, HSDPA and 8GB on board. That sounds very much like the successor to the N96 to us.

On top of that, there are other plans for a full touchscreen phone packing a slide out QWERTY (think the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1), with a 5MP snapper and TV–out. This one's called the IP08, but you can expect that to change once they get round to shoving it into our mobile hungry palms in 2009.

The one other real eye–catcher is the 3.5in touchscreen 'Eitri' with accelerometer, compass, 8GB memory and gesture support. Hmmm, sounds suspiciously like a phone to give Apple and HTC a serious run for their money to us.

You can expect at least one of these new mobiles to get an official unveiling at next February's Mobile World Congress. But while you wait, make sure you check out our vid of the 5800 XpressMusic in action.